This sample plan features an organization with a narrow mandate. Actual organizations will vary significantly and will require broader analysis and more detailed actions.

Name of Organization:

A. Overview of Programs and Services

  • provides supervised recreation activities for youth, adults and seniors
  • provides equipment and craft supplies for independent activity
  • promotes community engagement

B. Accessibility Achievements

  • offers its recreation activities in wheelchair accessible venues
  • trains instructors to speak clearly and to ask participants how they can help
  • designs print materials and event advertising with large, easy to read fonts

C. Accessibility Barriers

  • Registration forms are designed with 10 point font and are not offered in an alternate format, such as a large print version.
  • Facilitators do not know how to modify activities to accommodate persons with disabilities.
  • Human Resources has not considered how to create barrier-free hiring processes or on-the-job disability accommodations
  • Groups representing persons with disabilities or seniors have not been consulted to determine how inclusion could be promoted.
  • Website not accessible
Action 2 – Offer and provide information in an accessible format on request
  • Laccessibility working group to develop a process for responding to requests for accessible supports and services
  • accessibility coordinator to communicate process to all staff by email
  • HR to create on-line training on how to respond to requests
  • communications to promote the availability of alternate formats on request, by including the active offer on all new documents

Expected Outcomes

  • Staff are aware of alternate formats and how to make them available to the public.
  • All documents created from July 2015 onward advertise the availability of alternate formats.
Action 3 – Staff Awareness and Training
  • management to confirm the organization’s commitment to accessibility in writing, endorse the commitment at meetings and celebrate progress
  • HR to offer accessibility training/awareness presentations to managers, program and frontline staff
  • accessibility working group to send email and make presentations to managers re accessibility legislation, expectations and resources available to ensure AMA compliance
  • management to acknowledge accessibility achievements and share information with staff in organization newsletter and staff meetings

Expected Outcomes

  • Staff understands accessibility and supports implementation of the plan.
  • Information on progress on implementing Org. X’s Accessibility Plan is available to staff.
Action 4 – Monitor Progress
  • accessibility coordinator, with assistance of working group, to track progress on
  • challenges, and requests fo accommodations with budgetary implications
  • accessibility coordinator to report quarterly to senior management
  • future plans and budgets to be integrated into operational plans
  • communications to include progress report and update on AMA in Org. X’s annual report
Expected Outcomes
  • Senior management is aware of progress on AMA compliance and considers future plans.
  • Annual report includes a section highlighting progress on accessibility.
  • Accessibility Plan is posted on website and available in alternate formats.

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