The Accessibility Advisory Council (council) is responsible under the AMA to make recommendations to the minister regarding the development of accessibility standards. The council is made up of members of the disability community and other affected stakeholders, including representatives of business, municipalities and other organizations.

The council may establish committees of technical experts and other parties familiar with specific issues. The committees might include representatives of sectors or organizations that will have obligations under the standard being developed.

Public consultations are essential to the process. Consultations are organized including persons with disabilities, organizations with a responsibility to eliminate barriers and the general public.

Steps to create a standard:

  • The Accessibility Advisory Council (council) develops a discussion paper that serves as the basis for public consultations.
  • The public provides its feedback both in-person and electronically.
  • The council uses the public input to prepare a draft standard for the Minister responsible for the AMA (minister).
  • The minister considers whether to accept the council’s proposal in whole, in part, or with changes.
  • The government’s response is posted on the DIO’s website for public comment during a 60-day period as required by the AMA.
  • The council reviews the suggested amendments and provides a report for the minister’s consideration.
  • The minister makes any final amendments to the proposed standard before it is presented to Cabinet for approval.

The standard is enacted as a regulation, and becomes law.