The Minister of Families, Honourable Scott Fielding, has identified Information and Communications as the next area of standard development. 
Subject to the Minister, the Act allows the Accessibility Advisory Council (council) to establish standard develop committees. Members of the committee are appointed by the council and may include persons who are not members of the council.  The Information and Communications Standard Development Committee is comprised of people who have a thorough understanding of technical information and communication processes and representatives of the sectors and organizations that may have obligations under the proposed standard. 

As required under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act, the Minister  has approved the Terms of Reference for the Information and Communications Standard Development Committee.  The purpose of these Terms of Reference is to direct and guide the committee in carrying out its roles and responsibilities.  

This committee will develop and provide the council with recommendations for a proposed Accessibility Information and Communication Standard (standard).  Once approved by council, a report, containing recommendations for a proposed standard, will be forwarded to the Minister as set out in the Act and the Terms of Reference.

Summaries of Discussions will be posted within two weeks of committee meetings.

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