Some institutions, including the Manitoba government, have designated individuals to coordinate accessibility initiatives at the department or branch level. Adapt the following list of duties to fit your organization.

Accessibility Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating accessibility initiatives of an administrative body and must be familiar with its programs and priorities.


  • Help senior officials develop an Accessibility Plan and coordinate accessibility initiatives.
  • Create and coordinate an accessibility working group.
  • Ensure public information and events are accessible. Include the offer to provide information in alternate formats and disability accommodations (Example: “active offer”).
  • Provide expertise to colleagues and clients to ensure accessibility.
  • Include accessibility awareness in staff training and orientation.
  • Monitor progress in implementing the Accessibility Plan and track costs related to disability accommodations.
  • Use this information in your organization’s reports and when developing the next plan.
  • When new policies or programs are introduced, consider accessibility needs and provide advice on removing barriers.
  • Stay up–to–date on compliance requirements for new standards under the AMA as well as new technology and resources to help the organization maximize accessibility.

Accessibility Working Group

Members should represent various branches of the organization – from frontline workers to senior management – especially those who work directly with the public. Duties
    • Participate in developing and introducing the Accessibility Plan.
    • Monitor its implementation.
    • Provide expertise from the branch or function represented to ensure accessibility is
    integrated into policies and programs throughout the organization.
    • Fulfill the duties of the accessibility coordinator related to information, training and
    accessible public interaction of the branch or function represented. Monitor progress.
    • Integrate accessibility priorities into the operational plan and budget of the branch
    or function represented.

Senior Management

Managers to provide leadership in introducing and implementing initiatives, ideally acting as accessibility champions.
  • Sign off on Accessibility Plan and reports related to accessibility.
  • Include accessibility coordination duties on job descriptions and performance review.
  • Integrate accessibility priorities into the organizational plan and budget.