The Accessibility Standard for Employment calls on all employers to have measures, policies and practices to provide reasonable accommodations for employees and applicants. Employers need to consider reasonable accommodation at various stages of employment as it applies to their organizations. This includes recruitment, offer of employment, on the job, return to work, and training.

Safety comes first! 

To ensure the safety of employees with disabilities, all employers in the public, private and non-profit sectors must comply by May 1, 2020 with the following two requirements:

  1. Workplace Emergency Response Information
    1. Create emergency response information to help employees with disabilities stay safe during emergencies.
  2. Workplace Emergency Assistance
    1. Ask employees who require assistance during an emergency for permission to share information with individuals who agree to help.

Resources to promote compliance

For a summary of the requirements and applicable timelines:

  • Checklist for Business and Non-Profit Organizations (PDF) (Word)

Resources to create awareness: