2021 Accessibility Standard for Customer Service Five-Year Review

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) requires that accessibility standards are reviewed and updated every five years and that the review looks at terms of standard objectives and measures, policies, practices or other requirements set out in the standard and their implementation.

A multi-channel consultation was held over summer/early fall 2021 with participation from people with disabilities, experts, service providers and advocacy groups, businesses and community organizations through focus groups, a public survey and two open forum webinars.

In September 2021, the Accessibility Advisory Council (the Council) completed a five-year review of the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service and submitted a final report with recommendations to the Minister responsible for Accessibility.

Read the Five-Year Review of the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service: Report for the Minister of Families

The report groups Council’s 22 recommendations into seven specific categories:

  1. Government Accountability and Leadership
  2. Monitoring Compliance
  3. Documenting Policies, Procedures and Measures
  4. Education, Outreach and Awareness Raising
  5. Resources and Funding
  6. Physical Barriers (contains review findings but no official recommendations)
  7. Accessibility Advisory Council.

In November 2021, the Department of Families was tasked to lead a cross-departmental working group to coordinate implementation of twenty-two recommendations resulting from the Council’s review.

The Implementation team includes members from the departments of Families (Manitoba Accessibility Office and Accessibility Compliance Secretariat), Public Service Commission, and Finance (Communications & Education Division). Leads have been assigned and teams will be developed to focus on specific areas of work for each recommendation, including initiating work where additional discussion is required.

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