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Accessible Employment Standard Regulation

The Accessible Employment Standard Regulation removes and prevents barriers that could impact current and potential members of Manitoba's labour force.

The Accessible Employment Standard was the second standard enacted under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act. This standard builds on the existing requirements of the Manitoba Human Rights Code. It applies to paid employees who are full-time, part-time, apprentices and seasonal workers. It addresses practices relating to employee-employer relationships, including measures, policies and practices related to the recruitment, hiring and retention of employees.

General Accessible Employment Standard Requirements

  • Workplace Emergency Response Information: create emergency response information to help employees stay safe during emergencies.
  • Workplace Emergency Assistance: ask employees who require assistance for permission to share information with individuals who agree to help.
  • Recruitment: offer reasonable agreed upon accommodations when recruiting new employees.
  • Hiring: inform applicants about workplace accommodation policies and practices when making an offer of employment.
  • Inform Employees: let employees know about accessible employment policies and practices, including updates.
  • Communication of Information: offer accessible formats and communication supports to employees, upon request.
  • Accommodations: develop and implement individual accommodation plans for employees upon request.
  • Management Responsibilities: empower management to consider workplace accommodations to remove a barrier affecting an employee’s performance.
  • Training and Advancement Opportunities: consider workplace accommodations to remove a barrier that may affect an employee’s opportunities for training and advancement.
  • Return to Work: have a policy and process to determine reasonable workplace accommodations when an employee is returning to work.
  • Accessibility Training: train management and staff with human resource responsibilities about accessible employment and related legislation.
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Legal disclaimer: The above information is not legal advice. It aims to assist organizations to meet the requirements under Manitoba’s Accessible Employment Standard. The information provided does not replace the content of the Accessible Employment Standard Regulation or The Accessibility for Manitobans Act. If there is any conflict between this resource and the regulation or the act, the latter two shall prevail.

Requirements for Business and Non-Profit Organizations

Business and Non-Profit Organizations have additional requirements outlined under the Accessible Customer Service Standard.

Requirements for Business and Non-Profit Organizations

Requirements for Public Sector Organizations

Under the Accessible Information and Communication Standard, there are additional requirements outlined for Public Sector Organizations.

Requirements for Public Sector Organizations
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Enacted on
May 1, 2019

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